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“Determined in Perfecting All of Our Services”


Tugboat & Barge Services

Operate a dynamic and well diversified fleet of tugs and barges

Warehouse & Distribution Services

Offer a variety of storage and distribution solutions

Haulage & Transportation Services

Provide all-inclusive logistics services for transportation

Freight & Forwarding Services

Provide world class and reliable freight forwarding solutions

Marine Project Services

Transform your previously disturbed land into useful land by land reclamation

Marine Salvaging Services

Provide any and all services relating to marine salvage and towage


HAI IAN GROUP is comprised of multiple subsidiary companies that excel in their respective fields and industries, with its parent company being Hai Ian Marine & Tug Boat Services, whose history dates back to the early 1980’s. That was when our founder became aware of the springing opportunity with the immense gap between supply and demand in the market of the marine services sector.

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